Why You Should Be Using Video In 2019 (Video Marketing Trends)

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With 2019, we’re gonna be talking about in this video exactly the key reasons as to why you should be using video within your company. We’re gonna be talking about the trends, and new video marketing statistics that have just been released and we’re gonna exactly demonstrate the power of video and why you guys should be using it.

Over the last couple of years, video marketing has been trending and on the rise dramatically. If you look back at 2001, I think it was, the early 2000s, the average attention span of an internet user used to be between 2 to 5 minutes. Fast forward to now where we are today, the average attention span of an internet user is only 8 seconds. That’s one second less than a goldfish. With the rise of social media, with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, all these distractions that we have in the world, people’s attention spans are ridiculously crazy, which means you need to grab their attention and you need to grab their attention very fast. How can we do this?

Now traditionally people would create a website and they’ll put all their content on their website, thinking that if my target market, my target audience reads all this, then why wouldn’t they buy it because we’re putting our value out there, it’s only logical that if they read it all then they will see the value and want to get in touch and eventually become a customer. But the reality is, again, the average attention span is only eight seconds, which means you need to grab their attention.

The second thing I want to talk about is how only 28% of an average text on a webpage is actually read. That’s less than a third, less than a third of text on your website is actually being read, which means think about what they’re reading. People go on a website nowadays, they scroll up and down and then they leave a couple of seconds later because they’re literally looking at your website thinking is there any value for me to be digested here. Is there any value here for me? Is it gonna solve my problem? If it’s not, they’re gonna leave because they get maybe a new email, they get a WhatsApp message, they get distracted.

So, I’m gonna point out to you some key stats that you need to bear in mind in 2019. So, let’s go with the first one. The first one is by 2019, global consumer internet traffic, so basically the internet traffic will consist of up to 80% of internet traffic will consist of video, which means if you’re not using video in 2019, then you’re part of that small group of 20% that’s missing out.

The second key statistic is that having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion by up to 80%. And this goes back to what I was talking about before about how our attention spans are getting slower, how people aren’t reading text on a webpage because it’s too complicated, it’s too much text, people just don’t really take the time to do it, which is why you need to grab their attention. Grabbing their attention, however, is one thing. Maintaining their attention is another thing. But if you are successfully able to do this, especially through a video, then people are 64% more likely to buy from you when they watch a video compared to when they don’t watch a video.

In fact, people retain 95% of a video message, compared to only 10% through text. So, I’ve just thrown out basically a bunch of key marketing statistics that all these are different percentages. What does this mean? What this basically means is that people’s attention spans are constantly getting shorter and shorter, people are constantly getting more and more distracted, and most importantly there is so much noise on the internet.

And in order for you to stand out, in order for people to value of your company and to see why they should go with you instead of your competitor, you need to grab their attention and once you do grab their attention, you need to do something with that attention where you present your value in a visual way through a video, for example, so that they take action and they actually become a customer. So, video in 2019 is important.

Now, I’ve just shared with you some key statistics. Let’s talk about how you can use video. How can we use video? Well firstly, a video, like we’ve just discussed can be used on your website, but if you’re someone whose website is not really that active, there’s still several different methods or places where you can use your video to still get similar results. You can use your video through email, for example, so if you’re emailing proposals to people and maybe your company gets a lot of FAQs, instead of emailing a proposal which is filled with text, you can put your video there so that people can watch it.

They’re more likely to want to invest in you. Another place is on social media. So, if you have a social media department where you’re posting on Facebook and Instagram and these places quite actively, video is going to reach a lot more people and it’s a great place to use it.

The third place is events. Events are an amazing space to use video. We’ve had one of our clients, she used one of our videos at one of her exhibitions and she was saying how she’s not able to use a video with sound, even though we had a voiceover in the background, so we played the video anyway with subtitles and people that would walk past her exhibition, they would see the video on a large screen and they would stop and think, oh, what’s this. And it would grab their attention and make them curious to see more. Events are an amazing place to use video.

The final place is on LinkedIn. Now, if you’re watching this video on LinkedIn, then basically this is a testament to what I’m saying and it backs up what I’m saying because on LinkedIn, on social media in general, companies now are expected to be a lot more personable in the way they put content out online.

No longer can you just post random blogs or random statistics. For example, what we do at Pearl Lemon Videos is we focus a lot on personal branding because nowadays, just like Gary Vaynerchuk is preaching and more and more people are starting to do, content marketing wins every single time because it allows people to build trust before they actually speak to you face-to-face or on the phone.

And for us, it’s been a huge, huge, huge success because just by me putting out videos on my webcam in a cafe or something like that, just by me putting out those crappy videos, people would watch them on LinkedIn and they would say, hey I just saw your video. You spoke about how video is important, that reminded me that I need to get in touch with you. So that shows the power of it. As a result of us using video content we’ve been able to literally increase the amount of inbound leads that we receive by up to five per day.

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