Video Marketing Ideas: The 5 Essential Videos For A Small Business in 2019

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Five kinds of videos you need to make. The first one is the how-to video. Who has looked for search for a how-to video in the last 30 days? Raise your hand… Now look around it’s not for me. I know the answer already.. eEerybody in the room who has watched a how-to video in the last seven days? Who is watching a how-to video right now? So this we cannot get enough of how-to videos, we can get an off of it that’s what we love you. The washing machine is not working, there’s a video for that. There’s actually a video on brain surgery. There is a video with 1 million views on how to close the door… I am not kidding. Look for it… there’s a video how to close the door and the guy actually closed the door…! A million views… I actually created one to compete with it. This is how to shred paper and it’s me putting a paper and a shredder and I’m like there you go. So far I have about 100 views on that. It’s not it didn’t catch you, only didn’t go viral but this is what we love.

Now I introduce you to Chris Sweeney. She is the owner of frameworks in Miami. Now if you stayed in the hotel on Miami Beach or on a cruise ship or in a Caribbean, chances are the frame in your room was created by them. They do frames by the thousands. Right, they have 30 people and they do frames for all the hotels and whatnot and I’ve been telling them we have to do a how-to video and they’re like we don’t want to do that…. like why people don’t want to see what we do in the back of the house. They want to see the frog house. They want to see the beautiful stuff right and I said, trust me… we have to do a how-to video. So we created that video step by step on how to face mount to acrylic.

The chances of you and I reproducing this is none… impossible… requires three expensive machine you cannot do it right. But the point was we’re gonna show you how it’s done. We created the video, uploaded to YouTube and this is what we got. Fifty seven hundred people reach, twenty five hundred people viewed that video with one hundred and seventy-six engagements. Now I’m going to invite you to do something and just check your last Facebook post and compare it to that. That’s organic, that’s within seven days. This was 20 times the reached that they had gotten in the last year. 20 times like this was staggering like they were so excited about it that they actually put you know some money and advertised it. But it’s just.. this is proof like in the comments with that video people were saying, “wow I didn’t realize how complicated that process was”.

Now they sell those pieces face mount to acrylic for $1,000 a pop. Do you thinkt that would help them? Its sales to actually show people how it’s done takes an entire day to do one right. This is a post engagement: 118 thumbs up, 11 shares, 11 shares people share 11 1 mean this was staggering. We we hadn’t had anything like that so what does how-to-videos do for you? It will give you more authority. You will have more authority with how-to videos.

The second video you need to do is the FAQ video. I’ve heard it called by other people as the 80% video the 80% questions you get over and over and over again. You know that you know you have it in your business. They ask you all the time each one of those need to have a video created for it. Now let me introduce you to Jordan Shaw is a junior partner with a large law firm in Fort Lauderdale and they do consumer law that collect you know really fun stuff like apparently it’s illegal for you to call people in the middle of the night on their cell phone to try to collect money.

You can get a lot of money if people do that to you but one of the questions they keep on getting in that in that realm is what is the FDCPA? Does anyone know what the FDCPA is? Nobody knows right unless you have an issue with that collection because one of things you’re going to learn it’s regulated by the FDCPA. So we created a video called what is FDCPA and that is the result on Youtube. If you actually look at it right now on Youtube it is the number one video. We answered the question that people ask and if you go on Google this is the second result. We are behind the FTC which is a government. Anyone knows SEO. You do not beat a government or DD. We got second spot that’s pretty amazing. So FAQ video is great for more sales. An educated consumer will be a better consumer. For you if they don’t ask you those questions that you know they’re going to ask then you’re gonna get down to business.

The third one is the products and services video. Every single page of landing page on your website needs to have a video. A product and service video doesn’t have to be long. Ian be a minute, it could be two minutes, could be three minutes. However long you need every single page on your website needs to have video talking about this product or service. If you have ten products or services you need ten videos. Here is a chiropractor in Delray Beach Florida. We have a video placed on the page that talks about chiropractic care services. What are those videos great for? They’re great for SEO. One is one of the metrics of SEO the length of time they spend on the page. What do you think? A video does too that they’re going to spend fifteen seconds on the boring page of your competition they’re going to spend a minute and a half on yours. Guess who’s gonna win? That makes sense what we are.

The fourth video you need to do is what we are best fit for. What are we best fit for? Let me explain this one. This is on earth rentals in Miami. They do vintage rentals. Here’s what they don’t do. they don’t do birthday parties, they don’t do bar mitzvahs. That’s not that’s not there that’s not their thing. What they do is they do weddings for brides that want to have a unique look. That video explains that and what that video does for them is that increases the conversion. Because if you don’t have people calling you for birthday parties or Bar Mitzvah then you’re not wasting your time telling them now that’s not really what we do. There’s nothing wrong about birthday party in barbarism but they actually are company that specialize in that, in plastic chairs and you know the stuff that you need for you know 13 year olds to to have a party with. That’s not what they do. They actually have White Glove delivery service right. So it’s great with conversion.

And the last one is the video in your email signature. How many of you have a video in your email signature.? Congratulations….you just won. I don’t know what but we’ll figure it out why you need to have a video. Let me just do a quick math with you. Let’s just say that you receive about or you send out about 10 emails a day, five days a week that’s 50 emails. And then you do that- I just screwed up my entire math here – at the end of the year or you basically if you have five people on your team and you send ten emails a day that’s 12,500 mails per year that you sent. That’s a lot of emails, that’s a lot of opportunity for people to actually click on your video and view your content. You could have a bio in your email.

You could promote a product or service but you should have a video there. I use White Stamp. I have no affiliation with them. They have a free product. It’s very easy to set up and it will give you a signature like the one right there where you can have your picture, your name, your video underneath and the lure disclaimer you can do whatever you want. You can.. you know you can have half of that, you can set it up however you want and if you’re a big spender I believe that they have a product that’s about four bucks a month. Well you don’t have to have their tagline. You need to have a video in your email signature and the reason why is because it will give you more traffic. It will give you five hundred to a thousand more clicks that you didn’t have the year before. Imagine if you have three people on your team. Imagine if you have five people on your team every single one of them has a video. That’s traffic that is going to you that you are not getting before.


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