Social Media Marketing In 2019 (Your Perfect Strategy)


So you want to know how to set up the perfect social media marketing strategy for 2019? Well, there are five things that you need to know to be successful and if you watch this entire video you’re gonna learn every single thing that you need to know to have a successful program this year. Hi I’m John Lincoln with Ignite Visibility and let’s dive into it.

So the first thing that you need to know when it comes to social media marketing is you need to have a community building strategy .If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest you name it, you need to create a strategy so that you’re always growing the size of your community. And there’s a lot of different ways you can do that you can do that by having ongoing contests by having great content by interacting with the people that are the most important to your business so that they’re aware of you and so that they want to engage with your content. And a great way to do that is to go out and find all your closest competitors, find all the people who are following them and interacting with their content and then set up a strategy. That way you can also interact with them at the same time, so make sure that you plot a specific community building strategy for every single channel item.

Number two social media marketing is all about advertising. Three or four years ago these websites did not have any type of advertising abilities, but now there’s tons of advertising abilities on LinkedIn. You can do promoted posts, you can do sponsored in mails, you can do remarketing on Facebook, you can create look-alike audiences, you can build audiences off of remarketing, you can set custom and create custom new audiences. Every single one of these platforms there’s ways that you can do advertising in this advertising. And there’s really a cut a lot of different ways to think about it. One is you can use it for community building and so you should have a strategy around that. Another way is just performance-based marketing so every single click turns into you know a conversion rate and then a conversion. So setting up each social site as an actual business model where they’re driving traffic and conversions to you also using social media marketing, so that you can promote the campaigns that you’re doing the creative campaigns and you can get.

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How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019 | Neil Patel


Digital marketing is gonna change in 2019. What’s been working for the last few years is not anymore and unless you watch this video, you’re not gonna do as well with your marketing in 2019 that you’ll like. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how digital commerce is changing in 2019 and what you need to do to thrive and attain. Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this path. As I exhaust more marketing information, news and tactics and strategies, you’ll get advised.

The first thing you need to know is digital market is moving to omnichannel approach. You used to be able to build a business with only one channel. For example, Facebook grew by just telling everyone hey, invite your best friend. They would take that address journal, your address volume, and invite all your friends automatically, even without your permission. That’s changed. Those tricks don’t work as well as they used to. I’m not saying they don’t work at all. They don’t work as well as they used to. Marketing has moved to omnichannel which now you have to use tactics like growth hacking, offer per sound, SEO, material commerce, social media marketing, and banner ads.

The list goes on and on. The more directs “you’re using”, the better off “you’re gonna be” because most of these paths are crowded because there are so many online transactions. If you don’t use all of them, you won’t do as well in 2019.

The second thing you guys need to know and most of you will not like this, hunting is moving to voice exploration. By 2020 Comscore estimates that half the searches on Google will be through enunciate inquiry. Right now, two out of every 5 adults are squandering articulate investigation. Yes, that wants kids aren’t exercising it as much, but still by 2020 they’re saying half of all explorations , not only from adults, but half of all probes are gonna be the spokesperson pursuing. If you’ve ever use expres pursuit, leave a comment below with yes.

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Lima Tanda Perusahaan Telekomunikasi Anda Butuh Rebranding

Lima (5) tanda waktunya rebranding perusahaan telekomunikasi

Apa itu branding? Bergantung kepada siapa Anda tanyakan, maka Anda akan mendapatkan definisi yang beragam. Silakan Googling secara cepat saja, biasanya sejumlah definisi berikut ini akan muncul:

  1. Nama, desain atau simbol yang membedakan produk satu penjual dari yang lain
  2. Apa yang diperjuangkan perusahaan dalam hal layanan atau elemen non fisik lainnya
  3. Menyelaraskan apa yang Anda pikir tentang perusahaan Anda dan apa yang dipikirkan orang lain
  4. Sebuah janji untuk pelanggan Anda

Jawaban mana yang benar untuk branding? Ternyata semuanya. Branding mencakup segalanya, mulai dari logo dan skema warna hingga kepribadian merek Anda. Banyak pemikiran dimasukkan ke dalam elemen-elemen ini saat bisnis pertama kali dibangun, tetapi mereka jarang disesuaikan ulang setelah itu.

Tidak peduli seberapa besar Anda menyukai branding perusahaan telekomunikasi Anda, pada akhirnya akan tiba saatnya untuk memikirkannya kembali. Mengapa? Trend desain yang berubah, pergeseran reputasi Anda, pesaing baru memasuki pasar, atau bisnis Anda yang semakin berkembang adalah beberapa alasan yang mengharuskan penyesuaian branding (rebranding). Continue reading “Lima Tanda Perusahaan Telekomunikasi Anda Butuh Rebranding”

Trend Video untuk Internet Marketing di Tahun 2019

Teknologi video internet marketing

Video telah berkembang pesat menjadi salah satu tools internet marketing yang penting. Menurut penelitian HubSpot, di tahun 2016 video mulai menjadi salah satu bentuk content marketing yang populer. Lalu di tahun 2017 ia telah menempati puncak dari strategi marketing. Lantas di tahun 2018 kemarin video marketing telah bertransformasi dari salah satu strategi marketing menjadi keseluruhan strategi bisnis di banyak perusahaan. Luar biasa, bukan?

Menurut HubSpot pula, lebih dari 50% konsumen ingin melihat video dari suatu brand yang menawarkan produk atau layanannya. Berikut urutan lengkap content yang ingin dilihat/diterima konsumen, mulai dari yang terbanyak: Continue reading “Trend Video untuk Internet Marketing di Tahun 2019”