How to Get Discovered on YouTube — 6 Proven Tips

So where the views actually come from on YouTube? Like if nobody knows you how can they find you? In this video we’re gonna be talking about the six different ways to get discovered on YouTube. What’s up guys? Sean here and Benji here and this is Video Influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video. Let’s start with these six ways for getting discovered on YouTube.

The first way is search. You know keep in mind that YouTube is this archived video library and people are searching for things so that tab at the top. That’s so important to keep in mind. That’s how people are finding your videos potential or any videos you know. I always explain it like this. A library has tons of books in it. If people just went into the library and randomly look around they’re never gonna find it. So you actually have search tools in a computer to find it. Well that’s how YouTube works and if you don’t understand that concept, it’s gonna be really hard for you to get views on your videos absolutely.

YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world and so if nobody knows you they can find you by typing in a search term. So make sure you got your titles on point, your descriptions, your tags. And a power tip here is considered using the translations tool if you go into the backend of YouTube and upload translated titles and different languages then you could actually start getting views in different countries increasing your discoverability.

The second way is suggested videos. This is actually the one that I’m so excited to be talking about because the algorithm right now is favoring this more than ever. They’re gonna be sharing videos with you that they think you actually want to watch. So say you watch something on like some kind of sport, right ..Most likely then when you go back to Youtube they’re gonna be suggesting videos that relate to that original video because they know you’re interested in it. Yes and suggestive videos is actually the number one largest traffic source on YouTube and you know where these are. You see them on the right side where it’ll recommend other videos to watch. When a video ends it’ll say up next or it’s underneath on mobile and so your goal is to show up in suggested videos. Continue reading “How to Get Discovered on YouTube — 6 Proven Tips”

Video Marketing Ideas: The 5 Essential Videos For A Small Business in 2019

Five kinds of videos you need to make. The first one is the how-to video. Who has looked for search for a how-to video in the last 30 days? Raise your hand… Now look around it’s not for me. I know the answer already.. eEerybody in the room who has watched a how-to video in the last seven days? Who is watching a how-to video right now? So this we cannot get enough of how-to videos, we can get an off of it that’s what we love you. The washing machine is not working, there’s a video for that. There’s actually a video on brain surgery. There is a video with 1 million views on how to close the door… I am not kidding. Look for it… there’s a video how to close the door and the guy actually closed the door…! A million views… I actually created one to compete with it. This is how to shred paper and it’s me putting a paper and a shredder and I’m like there you go. So far I have about 100 views on that. It’s not it didn’t catch you, only didn’t go viral but this is what we love.

Now I introduce you to Chris Sweeney. She is the owner of frameworks in Miami. Now if you stayed in the hotel on Miami Beach or on a cruise ship or in a Caribbean, chances are the frame in your room was created by them. They do frames by the thousands. Right, they have 30 people and they do frames for all the hotels and whatnot and I’ve been telling them we have to do a how-to video and they’re like we don’t want to do that…. like why people don’t want to see what we do in the back of the house. They want to see the frog house. They want to see the beautiful stuff right and I said, trust me… we have to do a how-to video. So we created that video step by step on how to face mount to acrylic. Continue reading “Video Marketing Ideas: The 5 Essential Videos For A Small Business in 2019”

6 Tips to Help You DOMINATE Video Marketing in 2019

2019 is upon us and we are arriving at the age of video. Cameras are everywhere. Your children’s school bus now have cameras. Really, traffic lights now have cameras taking pictures if you run the light. Thanks Big Brother. Even your hospital rooms have cameras watching over you. Sounds like a HIPAA violation to me. There have even been reports of air being bees having video cameras watching over the guests. It gets even worse. China now plans to have over 600 million cameras installed all around the country so that they can rank their citizens from trustworthy to not trustworthy. Think of it like a credit score and if you have a very high score then you can get admitted to the best hospitals, the best schools. And then if you have a low social credit score you’re basically so wherever you go whatever they do China is watching you if you’re in China. Yeah, now video is clearly here to stay and although all those examples are absolutely terrifying as a normal citizen, this is actually very good news as a marketer. So here are six ways that you can absolutely dominate 2019 using video.

Hey there Adam’s little tip from where I help you exponentially grow your viewership so you can build your business. And as we know video marketing is going to stay in 2019 and it is only growing enormously, so here are six ways that you can have to dominate it in the future.

Number one is share your videos across all social media platforms. Start with a core message and then distribute it to all the various platforms whether it’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram all of them they all want video and they want it right now so get it out there. According to a study by Rev local  dot com, they found that about seventy-two percent of users want to interact with the brand on multiple platforms. So yeah they might follow you on YouTube and watch your videos there but they also want to interact with you on Instagram and don’t forget about that conversation, because it’s really important and the more that they see you on various platforms the more credibility it gives your business.  Continue reading “6 Tips to Help You DOMINATE Video Marketing in 2019”

Content Planning: Building a Long-term Vision for Awesome Content

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to revisit the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey has a similar corresponding marketing funnel, and when both are used side-by-side, I like to call them the “marketing machine.” The marketing machine relates each buyer’s journey stage to a corresponding marketing funnel stage; the awareness stage relates to visit and lead, the consideration stage relates to marketing qualified lead, or MQL, and sales qualified lead, or SQL, and the decision stage relates to opportunity and customer.

These funnels are designed to help you visualize and guide a prospect through the stages of the buyer’s journey so that you can effectively measure your funnel and provide a tailored message to that prospect at their particular stage in the buyer’s journey. It’s important to understand the relationship between both funnels because they’re working toward the same goal; attracting your prospects, converting them into leads, closing them into customers, and eventually delighting them, turning them into evangelists.

A marketing machine is not developed overnight. It takes a lot of time and planning to build. This is where long-term content planning comes in. So what’s involved in developing a long-term content plan? There are three steps you must take to create a long-term content plan; setting marketing goals, auditing or assessing your organization’s initiatives and assets, and identifying the buyer’s journey for your buyer personas. The ultimate objective here is to have a unifying document you can use to keep track of your long-term content marketing initiatives.

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Social Media Marketing In 2019 (Your Perfect Strategy)

So you want to know how to set up the perfect social media marketing strategy for 2019? Well, there are five things that you need to know to be successful and if you watch this entire video you’re gonna learn every single thing that you need to know to have a successful program this year. Hi I’m John Lincoln with Ignite Visibility and let’s dive into it.

So the first thing that you need to know when it comes to social media marketing is you need to have a community building strategy .If you’re on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest you name it, you need to create a strategy so that you’re always growing the size of your community. And there’s a lot of different ways you can do that you can do that by having ongoing contests by having great content by interacting with the people that are the most important to your business so that they’re aware of you and so that they want to engage with your content. And a great way to do that is to go out and find all your closest competitors, find all the people who are following them and interacting with their content and then set up a strategy. That way you can also interact with them at the same time, so make sure that you plot a specific community building strategy for every single channel item.

Number two social media marketing is all about advertising. Three or four years ago these websites did not have any type of advertising abilities, but now there’s tons of advertising abilities on LinkedIn. You can do promoted posts, you can do sponsored in mails, you can do remarketing on Facebook, you can create look-alike audiences, you can build audiences off of remarketing, you can set custom and create custom new audiences. Every single one of these platforms there’s ways that you can do advertising in this advertising. And there’s really a cut a lot of different ways to think about it. One is you can use it for community building and so you should have a strategy around that. Another way is just performance-based marketing so every single click turns into you know a conversion rate and then a conversion. So setting up each social site as an actual business model where they’re driving traffic and conversions to you also using social media marketing, so that you can promote the campaigns that you’re doing the creative campaigns and you can get.

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