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So how do you grow a heavy following on Instagram quickly and efficiently? Well in this video I will tell you how I grew to 25,000 followers and how I am still growing around 1,000 followers a week. Then at the end of this video I will give you my top tips that I have learned through my experience on Instagram that has helped me grow dramatically.

These Instagram series is here to help you increase the quality of your posts, maximize your profile and help you double the amount of followers that you currently have. So if you learned anything new or valuable in this video please consider subscribing. We live in a time where you are judged based on your social media presence. All of your friends are growing so rapidly, but you’re still stuck at 400 followers. And nowadays the market is so competitive that everybody around you is stealing your followers, not only that but you may be even losing followers on the daily.

We all know growing a heavy following on Instagram can be a little challenging and hard work. Especially if you have under 10,000 followers it’s gonna be a little more challenging. One theory that I have always emphasized during my social media career is the snowball effect. Basically the more you grow the, faster you will keep growing. In more simple terms the beginning stages of your social media career will be the slowest pace at which you will grow. And if you look at the opposite end the more followers you have the faster you will grow.

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For example, it took me about 10 months to gain 10,000 followers but then it took me half the amount of time around four months to gain another 10,000 followers. And now I’m at 25,000 followers only after one month. So let’s get started with the tips. If you are watching this video, I want you to know that this video will not teach you any secrets or shortcuts to gaining followers. This is the way that I and so many other big creators have grown a real and loyal following. If you want a secret or a shortcut just Google by fake followers or fake likes and there you go. They’ll get around a hundred thousand fake followers from box. The technique that I am going to show you will take longer but it will be worth it in the end. So we got that out of the way.

Tip number one is to obviously have good high quality content that provides value. I feel like I say this during every video but the main thing to grow is to provide value. This is the foundation and about 60% of what is most important when it comes to growing or following. Providing value is the important term that I want you to always remember, because just having good content will not cut it. It’s so competitive on social media nowadays that just taking high quality pictures of yourself will not grow you that following that  you want. Literally everybody has good pictures of themselves on Instagram, so what will make you stand out? Providing value, but remember just because you don’t have good content now or you think you are not a good content creator does not mean that you will always be bad.

I tell people all the time do not expect to grow a lot during your first year. During the first year you should be concentrating on perfecting your craft, increasing your quality and learning something new every day in regards to your craft. If you’re a photographer learn the ins and outs of a camera. Learn more about different software’s so you can edit your pictures better and more aesthetic. Learn what camera the best photographers are using and also learn different skills that the best photographers had. Or if you’re an Instagram comedian try to become a better actor or read some books etc. Just try to grow every single day and try to become the best creator that you can be.

So we are moving on a tip number two and we are already assuming that you have good content that provides value. So my second tip is to remember the marketing law of exposure. Basically the more eyes that you can get on your page the more of a chance that you will grow. A simple way you can get more people on your page is to get reposted by bigger pages. For this to happen you have to provide some sort of value to the owners of the page which is usually money. So if you’re really wanting to grow at a fast rate invest money in yourself and pay bigger pages to repost your work.

When my video got reposted on WorldStarHipHop I woke up with 4,000 new followers. But if you don’t want to pay anyone or you are broke just do shout out for shadow. And if you don’t know what that is, it is basically where someone else repost your content and you repost their content. This really as efficient as paying bigger pages to repost your work, because when you do shout out for shout outs you are usually doing it with somebody who has the same amount of followers that you currently have which is probably around 400.

Third way that I personally recommend the most and what has helped me grow the most is to get featured on the explore page. My comedy videos get featured on the explore page often and that is what is helping me grow around a thousand followers a week. I will not go into details of how to get featured on the explore page because I already made a video on it and I don’t want to repeat myself. If you’re interested in learning how to get featured on the explore page easily I’ll leave a card somewhere on this screen and leave a link down below.

Now let’s move on a tip number three. This may not be applicable to everybody watching because you still could be living with your parents, you could maybe not have the funds for it, or maybe you’re too young, but the third most important thing to growing on Instagram is to collaborate with other creators. When you collaborate with other creators, you are being exposed to a whole group of new fans and supporters. That group of fans or supporters will naturally click on your page and see what you have to offer. And remember the goal is to get as many eyes on your page as possible.

So for example if you make comedy videos like me, then you contact other comedians around the area and see if they want to collaborate. Through the d-ends they will most likely say yes, if they see that your content is high-quality and boom you just broke your collaboration virginity. Just like that. If you are having trouble finding other creators in your, niche then I recommend searching for a hashtags that you think they would be using. Instagram also has a good feature where you can search around a certain location so there should be no excuse for you to not be able to find other creators.

You can also collaborate with other creators without actually meeting up in person. If they agree to collaborate with you, you can always ask them to text you or send you their parts through the DMS where you can edit it together and post it and usually they’ll repost it on their page, too. If it is high-quality and valuable, a pro tip is to collaborate with other people who have more followers than you or around the same followers as you. It would be kind of pointless if you had 3 million followers and you collaborated with someone who has 200 followers, unless they are providing some other sort of value. I want you guys to all understand that tips two and three will be useless if tip number one is not fulfilled. For example, if your content is complete trash but then you pay a big repost for your content, a lot of people will come to your page and see that you only have two selfies of yourself and a picture of your dog and just leave. Take your time and learn your crap and become great at it. If you are focusing on things that are unimportant, you’re just wasting precious time and energy. I am actually gonna leave it at that because I want you guys to focus on those top three tips for now.

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Tiga Cara Mengembangkan Instagram Anda:

1. Buat konten yang bagus. Ini adalah cara pertama yang menjadi syarat keberhasilan cara kedua dan ketiga. Namun konten yang bagus saja belum cukup. Ia juga harus bisa memberikan suatu nilai tertentu bagi calon follower Anda. Hindari cara membeli follower palsu, karena Anda tentunya ingin Instagram Anda bertahan lama, bukan?
2. Ingatlah Hukum Pemasaran tentang Paparan (Exposure). Semakin banyak yang melihat, maka semakin besar kemungkinan Instagram Anda akan tumbuh membesar. Cara yang direkomendasikan adalah meminta kepada pemilik page/follower yang lebih banyak agar konten Anda bisa ditayangkan di page mereka. Cara ini tentu membutuhkan biaya. Jika Anda tidak ingin mengeluarkan biaya, bisa melakukan cara “Shout Out for Shadow” atau saling me-repost konten dengan pemilik page Instagram lain. Cara lainnya dengan mengusahakan konten Anda untuk bisa ditampilkan di Explore page. Cara ini diterangkan pada video terpisah.
3. Berkolaborasi dengan penghasil konten lainnya. Cara paling mudah mencari pembuat konten lain di sekitar Anda adalah dengan menggunakan hashtag. Perkirakanlah kata-kata ber-hashtag mereka sesuai dengan bidang (niche) Anda. Berkolaborasilah dengan pemilik follower yang lebih besar atau sama dengan jumlah follower yang kita miliki.


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