How to Get Discovered on YouTube — 6 Proven Tips

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So where the views actually come from on YouTube? Like if nobody knows you how can they find you? In this video we’re gonna be talking about the six different ways to get discovered on YouTube. What’s up guys? Sean here and Benji here and this is Video Influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video. Let’s start with these six ways for getting discovered on YouTube.

The first way is search. You know keep in mind that YouTube is this archived video library and people are searching for things so that tab at the top. That’s so important to keep in mind. That’s how people are finding your videos potential or any videos you know. I always explain it like this. A library has tons of books in it. If people just went into the library and randomly look around they’re never gonna find it. So you actually have search tools in a computer to find it. Well that’s how YouTube works and if you don’t understand that concept, it’s gonna be really hard for you to get views on your videos absolutely.

YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world and so if nobody knows you they can find you by typing in a search term. So make sure you got your titles on point, your descriptions, your tags. And a power tip here is considered using the translations tool if you go into the backend of YouTube and upload translated titles and different languages then you could actually start getting views in different countries increasing your discoverability.

The second way is suggested videos. This is actually the one that I’m so excited to be talking about because the algorithm right now is favoring this more than ever. They’re gonna be sharing videos with you that they think you actually want to watch. So say you watch something on like some kind of sport, right ..Most likely then when you go back to Youtube they’re gonna be suggesting videos that relate to that original video because they know you’re interested in it. Yes and suggestive videos is actually the number one largest traffic source on YouTube and you know where these are. You see them on the right side where it’ll recommend other videos to watch. When a video ends it’ll say up next or it’s underneath on mobile and so your goal is to show up in suggested videos.

A way to do that as Ben has mentioned is try to create related content to topics that are trending or if you’re talking about tech and someone’s researching a certain camera chances are if you talk about that camera – you could show up in suggested videos. And one of the cool things with all these tips is you can actually see how effective each of these traffic sources is by going into your analytics and looking at traffic sources. So you’ll see if you’re getting any views from suggested videos you’ll see which ones and where they came from where your videos are appearing on other people’s videos. So you know what gets measured gets improved so make sure to look at your analytics and then you can create better strategies for the future.

The third way is the home page. Now realize there are two different ways that this could be for you if you’re on that desktop computer. This is gonna show you maybe suggested videos, maybe previous watch, maybe things you saved on your watch list. Also if you’re on your phone it’s just gonna show you suggested videos but this is a place where YouTube is curating videos based on what they think you want to watch absolutely. And the way you get your videos on the home page is based really on two things. It’s the performance of the video. So if you have a video that’s getting a lot of watch time, a lot of engagement, a lot of conversation that’s one factor. But also keep in mind that the home page is personalized for every viewer so there are previous watch history things that they’re interested in. And a tip here is that’s why it’s really good to have a focus niche for your channel because YouTube is trying to figure out what you’re all about. If your channel is all about home decorating or all about fitness then it can start figuring out what if people like other fitness type of content then it wants to send them some other fitness type of content.  That maybe performing well and so definitely make it part of your strategy to think about how you can get on viewers home pages.

And another tip I want to add before we move on is upload regularly. You know this is one of the reasons why vloggers are dominating because you know people typically go on YouTube at least once a day., if not two or three times a day. So the more regularly you’re showing up the more likely YouTube is gonna want to suggest your videos or put it on people’s home page and you see it all the time with people that are uploading daily like Philip Defranco. He’s always showing up not just because I watch them but because he’s uploading regularly onto the platform.

The fourth way to get views and get discovered on platform on YouTube is the trending tab. So when you go onto YouTube you can start seeing these tabs; you see your home tab, your subscriptions tab. The trending tab is actually a place where you will see top videos that are performing on YouTube. Not necessarily the most viewed but it’s kind of a curated list of some popular content that’s stirring conversation and it’s a list of about 100 videos. Then you also see creators on the rise, artists on the rise now. This is a great aspiration to get on this page but it could be challenging especially if you’re just starting out. However a tip here is to be researching this page because if you want to see what’s hot on YouTube, what’s showing up on YouTube you can join those conversations and while you might not make it on the trending tab, you might be starting to show up and suggested videos of some of the top videos that are performing on YouTube at that time.

And like Sean said you know it’s great to aspire to but we wouldn’t recommend it. But the reason you want to research is because maybe there are some challenges, maybe there are some new video topics or key type of videos that are trending that you could utilize in your content. And maybe get onto the trending page or at least get in front of eyeballs searching for those topics.

The fifth way to get views on YouTube is subscriptions. Now this is when someone’s already subscribed to your channel, you upload a new video and now it is pushed to your subscribers. Now one confusing thing here is sometimes people think if they’re not seeing videos from someone they subscribe to they think that YouTube’s unsubscribe them. That’s typically because a lot of people don’t know there’s a difference between the homepage and the subscriptions page on the home page. YouTube’s not going to show you every channel your subscribe to. It’s gonna try to just show you the best stuff based on what it thinks you would like to watch. But on the subscriptions tab, it’s gonna be linear every channel you’re subscribed to it’s gonna be showing up in order in that feed. And so this is why you want to be asking for subscribers building a community because that’s really how you build momentum and you can start to see how all of these different traffic sources begin to feed each other. And if you start being seen and suggested you might get a subscriber and then you could potentially have a viewer for life.

Just some quick tips on how to utilize your subscribers; number is one you got to get them, so do call to actions to ask people to subscribe. Almost every single video we don’t assume that everyone is a subscriber so we always ask for. Secondly educate them on the way to find your videos. Now one thing is if YouTube is suggesting other types of videos that’s a whole other topic but if you really want to get people to your channel tell them to actually click on the subscriptions tab so they can find your uploads when you do upload a video to YouTube.

And the sixth way to get discovered on YouTube is notifications. Now these are push notifications that can either be sent out via mobile alerts or email and so that’s why Youtubers will say, “hey ring the bell so you don’t miss any of our content”. In fact, if you don’t want to miss any content here on video influencers make sure to ring the bell, click that button turn on I want to see all the posts from this channel because that’s one of the only ways to make sure you don’t miss anything especially is there’s a lot more uploads coming from channels around the world. You know I call this the new subscription strategy of course as more people are creating channels and people are subscribing to more channels.

The subscription tab has just gotten flooded with notifications on not only is it an additional way for them to know that you uploaded video but it’s a direct way for them to get connected with you guys as channel creators. And for them to get directly notified on their phones in their email about your videos that are being uploaded to your channel. And one thing to note here is that even if notifications are turned on, you don’t necessarily still get an email about every single video YouTube still curates what it thinks you will like the most. So you can kind of try and encourage your viewers that they can turn these on, they can turn these off but it will still be a great experience so they don’t miss any content.


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