Facebook Marketing Hacks for 2019

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If you want to learn how to dominate Facebook to market your business in 2019 watch this video. Hey what’s going on, Juan Carlos Gil here. Welcome back to another social media tutorial. I want to first invite you to like me on Facebook at the Carlos Gil. l Also be sure to check out my Joe on Facebook watch called Real talk. Now let’s get right into it. Contrary to what any marketing guru will tell you, Facebook is not going away… not now, not anytime in the near future. Facebook my friends is here to stay. So in this video I’m going to teach you five ways that you can get the most out of Facebook in 2019 and beyond.

The first tip is to stop using Facebook to post third party links and content including YouTube videos. Hear me out YouTube creators. I get that you want, to send people to your YouTube channel but Facebook is a direct competitor of YouTube. That’s one for any marketer or business operator out there. You are operating on rented land so you need to find a way to build your tribe and your following on Facebook and more importantly keep them on Facebook. So try and drive them away elsewhere, because what’s gonna happen is Facebook will continue to penalize you and your page, if you continue this activity. So no more third party links.

I get what you’re probably thinking. Well what if I want to send someone to my website. Well if I have this amazing video like this one right here what you do is you upload it natively, you work within the framework of Facebook. If you have a blog to post, post it on Facebook notes within your Facebook page and keep the traffic contained on your Facebook page where people can see the other amazing content that you’re producing. No different than keeping a conversation going and if people wanna know more then you swoop in the comments and you give people that link to your website that link to that video, that link to that offer.

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Listen, what you want to do is you want to build emotion and excitement around. What it is that you do, you want to hook people? You want to get them interested and then you just want to engage with them in the comments below your post. Do this successfully and what you’re gonna see is you’re gonna start saying qualified traffic to your website, you’re gonna send warm leads back to your business, you’re gonna start weeding out all the on lookers and the people that aren’t gonna buy anyway. Start weeding all those people out and you’re really gonna get down to business. I know that when you think of Facebook, you think of these big gigantic numbers, they’re there.

Facebook has over two billion users but the reality is that on your page you’re only organically reaching about 1% of your page lights so knowing that. If that’s how the game works you need it. You need to stop to give out all these big numbers and start thinking realistically, who is a superfan, who’s a legit fan of my business. More importantly who is a real customer or potential customer.

The next is Facebook Story. Facebook stories are very similar to Instagram stories. And do I dare say that chat stories – if you’re not posting every day on Facebook, but wanna still remain top of mind in the newsfeed of your followers and your page lights, start creating Facebook stories from your page. It’s a good way to fill content, also humanize your brand or your company as well.So if you can give one of your employees access to take over your Facebook stories for a day and have them can take your followers in a day of the life, or one of the things that I do quite a bit on my Carlos skill page on Facebook is all use stories to kind of bring people through a progression of what’s going on. Like right before I came into the studio to record this content I was on Facebook stories talking about it to kind of build that excitement.So then when this video dropped people say oh I kind of saw the behind the scenes So Facebook stories hasn’t gone enough attention yet going forward in 2019 and beyond. You will start seeing Facebook stories innovate at a quicker rate than we’ve even seen Instagram stories evolve Nexus pay-to-play.

Let’s face it. Facebook is a business. They are a digital advertising company. First, social media network. Second you have to understand the psychology of Facebook. They are in the business to sell ads to corporations. Knowing this, you can no longer build your business on what’s known as rented land. You’re not gonna grow your business for free on Facebook just because you have good content alone or just because you have super fans alone. Facebook will find a way to make you pay for that audience. So my recommendation is whether you’re a small business or a real estate agent or even if you run social media for a large global corporation, start putting money aside on every single post for Facebook.

Guys, on my Carlos Gil page anytime I have a video like this dropped typically I’ll spend somewhere in the neighborhood of about eight-ten dollars to boost every single post I’m posting. Once a day that’s a $300 investment a month. The key however is to ensure that you’re running targeted ads. You want to make sure that anytime you’re dropping money on a Facebook post that you’re reaching the right audience That is why Facebook Ads manager going forward should be your best friend for you to not just import email addresses that you have access to through your company or through your blog or your brand, but also ensure that you’re building custom audience.s And these custom audiences don’t have to be millions of people or hundreds of thousands. For most of the custom audiences I’ve built to reach real estate agents brokers, social media marketers, brand marketers we’re talking about twenty or thirty thousand people. Because you want to get your targeting super tight so as you’re spending money on Facebook ads you’re really ensuring that the right audience is seeing your content.

The next is video content. One-minute videos are the key most people’s attention span is like the attention span of a goldfish. I didn’t make that up. That’s in a lot of different studies out there. And when you think about the rate that people are scrolling through their phones when they’re seeing content on a mobile device on Facebook they’re going through really fast. And they’re not really hanging around to watch your con. So not only should you focus on putting short and engaging videos, but also make sure that you have captions or subtitles in those videos. So someone has the volume off on their phone they can still follow along and see what your video is about.

Also there’s metadata in those captions that you put within your video. So think of no different than SEO. You want to ensure that you have these keywords embedded throughout your video. So on the back end Facebook’s algorithm is able to crawl and pick up those valuable keywords and hopefully serve it in Facebook watch to non followers of your brand page.

The next tip is critical friends and that’s repurposing of content. Do not and I repeat do not repurpose your Instagram content over on Facebook. If you’re gonna take the content that you put on Instagram and put it over here on Facebook, make sure that it fits the size of Facebook posts. Well I see a lot of people do is they take the easy way to distribute content and they’ll put one piece of content Instagram. They see the share buttons on Instagram that you can share over to Facebook and then they share the same exact post with all the hashtags, all the little dots separating the caption from the hash like they do all. Then they throw it over on Facebook.

Then what happens is like you didn’t really take the time to engage your audience. You just got lazy and that honestly friends is just really poor marketing and a poor reflection of what you should aspire for your brand to be. So do not at all repurpose content instead create native content for each platform.

If you want to be able to get the most out of the algorithm organically my friends, if you’ve hung around this long I’m gonna give you a  sixth bonus tip and that is repurposing audio content. Podcasts are really hot but it’s really hard to listen to a podcast or to promote your podcast when you’re just posting a link to SoundCloud or iTunes or anchor. So what you want to do instead is take your podcast audio, turn it into a video file and then post that audio as a video on your page. You will essentially trick Facebook into thinking that you’re posting a video when in reality you’re posting a still image with audio overlaid over it. So hopefully that works for you. It’s a bonus tip it’ll get you just a little bit more engagement and a few extra views which are really audio listeners on your podcast. That’s a wrap. Thank you so much for watching this video.

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Dominasi Pemasaran dengan Facebook di Tahun 2019

Tiga (3) Tips untuk mendominasi pemasaran dengan menggunakan Facebook:
1. Jangan pernah mempromosikan link pihak ketiga atau video dari Youtube. Hal ini karena Youtube adalah pesaing Facebook.
Sedangkan Anda berada di “tanah orang lain”. Juga jangan memberikan link yang membawa pembaca ke website Anda atau penawaran Anda. Jika dilakukan terus, Anda bisa mendapat penalti dari Youtube. Jika Anda ingin men-share tulisan di web Anda, maka tulislah di Facebook notes. Di situ Anda bisa memberi komentar dan memberikan link website Anda di komentar Anda.
2. Buatlah Facebook Story. Jika Anda jarang mengisi konten di Facebook, namun tetap ingin berada di newsfeed pembaca Anda,
maka mulai sekarang buatlah Facebook Story.
3. Buatlah konten video. Buat video selama 1 menit saja, karena itulah batas lamanya perhatian seseorang. Sudah banyak studi dilakukan mengenai hal ini.
4. Jangan me-repost konten Instagram langsung ke Facebook. Karena ukuran konten Instagram berbeda dengan Facebook. Jika dilakukan seringkali akan menghancurkan brand Anda, karena hal ini menunjukkan malasnya Anda membuat konten yang fresh.
5. Daur ulang/re-post konten audio Anda di Soundcloud atau iPhones pada halaman Facebook Anda. Namun perhatikan trik ini.
Karena sulitnya memainkan atau mempromosikan link Soundcloud di Facebook, maka simpan/konversi dulu file audio tersebut sebagai file video. Lalu Anda upload ke Facebook sebagai sebuah video.


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