6 Tips to Help You DOMINATE Video Marketing in 2019

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2019 is upon us and we are arriving at the age of video. Cameras are everywhere. Your children’s school bus now have cameras. Really, traffic lights now have cameras taking pictures if you run the light. Thanks Big Brother. Even your hospital rooms have cameras watching over you. Sounds like a HIPAA violation to me. There have even been reports of air being bees having video cameras watching over the guests. It gets even worse. China now plans to have over 600 million cameras installed all around the country so that they can rank their citizens from trustworthy to not trustworthy. Think of it like a credit score and if you have a very high score then you can get admitted to the best hospitals, the best schools. And then if you have a low social credit score you’re basically so wherever you go whatever they do China is watching you if you’re in China. Yeah, now video is clearly here to stay and although all those examples are absolutely terrifying as a normal citizen, this is actually very good news as a marketer. So here are six ways that you can absolutely dominate 2019 using video.

Hey there Adam’s little tip from viewership.com where I help you exponentially grow your viewership so you can build your business. And as we know video marketing is going to stay in 2019 and it is only growing enormously, so here are six ways that you can have to dominate it in the future.

Number one is share your videos across all social media platforms. Start with a core message and then distribute it to all the various platforms whether it’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram all of them they all want video and they want it right now so get it out there. According to a study by Rev local  dot com, they found that about seventy-two percent of users want to interact with the brand on multiple platforms. So yeah they might follow you on YouTube and watch your videos there but they also want to interact with you on Instagram and don’t forget about that conversation, because it’s really important and the more that they see you on various platforms the more credibility it gives your business. 

Number two is push the boundaries. Boring tutorials on YouTube don’t work anymore. For example let’s go back to another part of this video. There have even been reports of air being bees having video cameras watching over the guests. What the………Ten years ago it probably would have been inappropriate to swear on camera or say anything like that. But now and I’m not saying you have to swear necessarily, but push the boundaries a little bit have a strong opinion. It’s cool to say things that maybe it’s not everyone’s going to like be willing to piss a few people off to find a huge audience that really loves you.

Number three remember you’re going to have to pay to play on these platforms . There’s once a day where you release a video on YouTube and it would very quickly get millions of views if it were a good video. Unfortunately, those days are gone and you’re competing with a lot of content creators now. So you have to pay for pay-per-click advertising on Facebook if you have a video you want to get out there. You’re gonna have to boost that video out there on YouTube if you’re a new channel and you don’t have a lot going on. You’re gonna have to run YouTube ads to start to build your viewership. The same can go for Instagram even nowadays but the nice thing is it’s very it’s still very cheap to build a large audience on these platforms but it’s worth paying to play if you do want a little help with YouTube advertising. My agency does help with that so head on over to viewership.com for slash agency and you can apply to talk to me and we can see if we can help you out.

Number four is you’re going to need high ticket items to sell your audience. Now look again back in the day in like 2000-2005 you could release like a fifty dollar ebook and make potentially millions of dollars off of that ebook. However those days are gone. If you want to be able to build a large business online you’re gonna have to have the products that you sell or maybe services that you sell your audience for one thousand, five thousand, ten thousand. I know someone who has a 25 thousand dollar a year coaching program. These are the types of offers that you can have. If you can have that type of offer and it converts very well and you can succeed enormously with video marketing because you have such a bigger budget to work with. So with any type of business that you have, always be thinking what premium products can I offer people and that’s really going to ultimately pay the bill and be the profit of your business.

Number five is educate your audience with new element. The Internet, YouTube, LinkedIn I need these places. There are very few like new ideas and the vast majority of content out there is just regurgitated, boring, same old. So it’s up to you as a markete,r as a business, as an entrepreneur to release content that is something new. Add something new to this story whether it’s your emotion, your excitement for where you’re talking about or just a new perspective. Is there a perspective that you have on a particular topic that you can teach your audience? If you have that perspective, great… Share with the world, but whatever you do don’t just create another video teaching the same old that everyone else is teaching.

For example, viewers aren’t just going to YouTube to just brush up on skills that they already have. They’re looking to learn new skills out there. In fact, YouTube just conducted a study and they found out that 86 percent of people that go to YouTube are looking to acquire a brand new skill. So have a skill that you can teach them and then potentially sell them something later.

And finally number six is drop the professionalism. People buy from companies that they relate to and they quite frankly buy from people that they relate to and connect to. So have a little bit of fun in your videos, just loosen up. It’s okay people want to have a good time when they watch your content. And I see so many big companies trying to release video content that goes nowhere, because you can tell that both constitute like three levels of three different departments saying no no no no no we can’t say, that we can’t do that. They’re trying not to ruffle feathers. I want you to ruffle feathers, put out content that is going to create a reaction from people and the stronger the reaction that you get from people the further that that content will go.

And yes sometimes you will piss people off. I have a video I remember I released the video about two years ago that had about 25% down like to 75% up like and that 25% down like was pretty bad like comments, were pretty nasty. I’m not gonna get into exactly what video that was but I said something that kind of pissed people off but what was amazing is that that content got seen by over three million people around the world and if I had just said didäôt some boring bland olds that I’d normally say or other people saying, no one would have seen it. So ultimately loosen up, drop the professionalism Buddha exactly and have a little bit of fun.


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