4 Video Marketing Ideas For Your Marketing Agency and Clients

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Video marketing has become the go-to way to build a business online, generate leads and ultimately get more customers. In today’s video, I’m gonna go through four different types of ways to use video to acquire either customers for your agency or to use these tactics to acquire customers and leads for your clients for your marketing agency. My name is Jordan Steen aka serial entrepreneur and at this channel we talk all about social media marketing, digital marketing, personal branding really, just running marketing campaigns online and building a business online.

When it comes to using video content you really have to think about the sales funnel principle which if you understand sales funnels you know at the top of funnel you have the awareness stage of your campaign where people don’t really know about your trap or your business or your products or services yet right. So that’s considered cold traffic. Then you have the middle of the funnel which is considered the consideration stage where these people are aware of your business. They know what you do and what you’re trying to promote and they’re looking more into your products or services and you know that based on the fact that they’ve either visited web pages specifically that you know are higher conversion pages or they’ve visited specific social channels where you release a ton of content.

But you know that they’re interested and then finally you have the conversion stage of the funnel where these people finally made a decision to purchase something and now they are a customer. You have to understand that when you create your video content the high level the awareness style videos need to be focused more on the brand and the story of the brand and something kind of catchy and fun to get the person interested in your business. At first or at least something that relates really well or is able to provide value to them in some way that your business you know can provide to them.

At the next stage of the funnel the consideration stage that’s where you want to start giving them videos like testimonials or reviews or information about the product or service that will help them or free training. It will be related to the product or service that you provide but it’ll be training to help them for free just enough for the training where they’ll want more and that entices them to purchase. And then finally you have the conversion step of the funnel and at this step of the funnel you have to understand that these people they’re ready to buy. They just need a reason so this is where you give them five reasons why your product might be better or you’re showing them more testimonial ads from other customers or you’re showing them results that your product or service is provided to those customers directly. Right so you’re doing something to entice them to buy.

You may be showing them authority style videos where it’s you on a stage speaking somewhere or your business is being you know nominated for an award or something that they’ve received in their industry that makes them the best. Let’s look at some of these videos again really quickly and we’ll talk about how they work okay.

So the first video I want to talk about with you guys is the profile video and they call it the profile video because it’s the introduction. If you think about a profile image it’s kind of the introduction to a person when you go to their profile right. So we call this the profile video and this video focuses on the brand’s story and it’s somewhat entertaining or funny or it pull.  it’s some kind of emotion that’s gonna make that person want to engage and want to learn more at least about what the business does. Right so it’s something that kind of leaves the question still in the air about the business but not like a I have no idea what that was about but like oh man what does that business offer.

In this area of their business or you know maybe there’s something I didn’t know about this specific product that I thought I knew before. Right so something that’s going to make them question and want to learn more but that profile video is super important. so there are seven quick things that we want to go through really quickly that you need to consider really when you’re creating your profile video or that brand story video.

Number one who is your target audience?. Who are you trying to target your videos to. What does their buyer persona look like. And speaking of if you’re looking on how to position your brand with other competitors in the market and how you kind of want to strategize yourself amongst the other businesses. Number two is what’s the goal? Are you trying to increase awareness, sell more tickets, some more product in general, are you trying to get more leads, more subscribers? What’s the goal ?

Number three is where is the video going to live? Facebook, Instagram, YouTube you know what kind of video platform are you using? Instagrams IG TV is great, but it’s still new and it’s different and a lot of people still aren’t using it that much. So what kind of platform are you going to use for your video? Number four when is it due? Because that’s a super important thing if you’re not planning all of these things out then things are gonna get late and they won’t be published on time. Which means you’ve lacked consistency which kills your campaign. So set clear scheduling timelines dates everything that you need for your campaign to go off smoothly.

Number five is what is your budget? Because these camera equipment, lighting and backdrops and all of this stuff isn’t cheap or free. So what kind of budget are you working on? Do you have some stuff maybe you can rent or do you need to go and maybe borrow something or can you afford to buy new equipment for yourself or even used equipment for yourself. Number six is one of the creative requirements how much video editing expertise do you really need for this job to go off? Do you need someone who can add animation to a video that you’re creating because that’s a whole other job and they need to be pretty skilled at doing a job like that. So what requirements do you need for this job.

And then number seven is what will constitute success for this video? Basically just to several KPIs otherwise known as key performance indicators that go along with the goals of your campaign and make sure that those KPIs line up. To meet those goals so the second kind of video we want to talk about today is video testimonials and reviews because these videos do so much for your business. When you’re able to get a cold audience and start to get them through some training or through some free value information or maybe even get them to come in and visit your business you know for the first time or a client’s business for the first time that’s great. But now you want to keep them coming back and or make that final steps actually making their first purchase if they haven’t already which is the best way to do that is with customers who have had a great experience with you.

That referral style mentality of business still exists but it’s on social now . People share their things with their friends on Facebook, Instagram things like that so you want to get them to share your information with other people on Facebook. Now these last two are a little more related to the marketing agency side of things. So if you’re starting a marketing agency it can help you get more clients for your agency, but it’s also something that you can kind of consider for some of your clients. With as far as this first one we’re going to talk about which is video proposals. If you have something where you’re trying to pitch someone and that’s basically what you’re doing with video. You’re making a video proposal right you’re selling your product or service at some point with the video to a viewer, right. So think about these videos again, this proposal mentality goes along with making it for your clients as well as for your own business. But with proposal videos all you’re gonna do is instead of creating some kind of you know in-person meeting that’s required to go to if you’re working mobile.

If you’re working with people who work in different states you can create a video recording and actually record your presentation and then send that to them. They can watch that, write down any questions and then you guys can have a meeting video via a video call. All right so proposal videos are actually something again with this digital age that you have to consider. Video messaging is also super important. Video training helps things of that nature with regards to customer service and helping people you know really come into working with your business or with your agency providing those video tutorials helps a ton. I know that I’ve recorded you know some of the same thing I got to the point where I was doing so many tasks, so many times or different clients but they all needed to know the same information. So I figured why not just shoot it in a video and every time someone asked one of those questions kind of like a FAQ thing I can just send them a video training that will help them with that along with working with my business . So that’s going to help that speed up the process of getting work done and making sure that we’re able to help our clients properly.


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