5G Technology Explained and Its Impact on Internet Marketing


With the upcoming of 5G technology, we will see great impact, not only on the ease of our communication, but also on digital or internet marketing that is using more and more video content. Greater bandwidth and much less latency will certainly be main points in supporting much better experience of video viewing for all of us. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how 5G technology works, we present the above video to watch with its transcript in the following section.

The following is the transcript of the video:

Every new generation of wireless networks delivers faster speeds ad more functionality to our smartphones. 1G brought us the very first cell phones. 2G let us text for the first time. 3G brought us online. And 4G delivered the speeds that we enjoy today. But as more users come online, 4G networks have just about reached the limit of what they’re capable of at a time when users want even more data for their smart phones and devices.

Now we’re headed toward 5G the next generation of wireless. It will be able to handle a thousand times more traffic than today’s networks and it’ll be up to 10 times faster than 4G LTE. Just imagine downloading an HD movie in under a second and then let your imagination run wild. 5G will be the foundation for virtual reality, autonomous driving the Internet of Things and stuff we can’t even yet imagine. But what exactly is a 5G network. The truth is experts can’t tell us what 5G actually is because they don’t even know yet. But right now there are 5 brand new technologies emerging as a foundation of 5G: millimeter waves, small cells, massive MIMO, beam forming and full duplex.

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3 Reasons Digital Marketing Destroys Traditional Marketing


Damn, I just got destroyed. There are three reasons why digital marketing destroys traditional marketing. Now remember back in the old days when I was doing traditional marketing. Now for some of the young guys watching this, you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m talking about good old newspaper. Yes, we were running display ads. And also I’m talking about like broadcast fax. No email, fax machine, but that’s how we used to do advertising and marketing before digital, before internet comes along.

I think a lot of us take it for granted compared to what we have today compared to back then. Let me share with you the three reasons or what I call the three T’s why digital marketing is far superior than traditional marketing. First one is targeting. Now imagine traditional marketing let’s say you’re driving on the highway, you see these huge massive billboard right advertising certain things you see those in Vegas. They still have those which is fine but it’s more like brand awareness. But that’s traditional advertising a billboard you can’t really target who is going to see that billboard.

You just write there, if someone sees it good, if someone doesn’t see it you don’t really know but with digital marketing, with online you can precisely target exactly who do you want seeing your offer, seeing your website, seeing your business or seeing your bundle. You can choose example with Google AdWords, you can target the keywords that they’re searching, you know the buyer intent and you can put your message right in front of there. So that when they search the keyword they will find you or with Facebook you can also their precisely target exactly who you want, what are the interest, what’s that, that profile that you are targeting so you could target very precisely, exactly who do you want for your customers or for your offer that you cannot do with traditional marketing.

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Empat Website Pembuat Video Online Gratis

4 Website Pembuat Video Online Gratis

Di tahun 2019 ini orang menyaksikan semakin tingginya kebutuhan membuat video untuk keperluan marketing bisnis mereka atau sekedar hanya untuk proyek yang bersifat personal. Tidak heran kemudian banyak bermunculan layanan membuat video (video creator) secara online. Di sana mereka menawarkan sejumlah kemudahan sekaligus kecanggihan aplikasi pembuat video mereka. Sehingga dalam rangka menarik perhatian calon konsumen, tidak sedikit di antaranya yang menawarkan akun gratis.

Hal ini tentu saja sangat menggembirakan, terutama bagi mereka yang hendak mencoba lebih dulu layanan yang dijanjikan sebelum meng-upgrade ke layanan yang lebih tinggi levelnya. Di samping itu, bagi kalangan yang musti berhemat, seperti para pelajar, tentu dapat memanfaatkan akun gratis itu untuk keperluan membuat proyek tugas sekolah atau kampus mereka. Continue reading “Empat Website Pembuat Video Online Gratis”

12 Tips on How To Get On The Explore Page On Instagram 2019


In this video, you will get 12 tips on how you can hit the Instagram Explore Page and grow thousands of followers per day. What’s up, this is Simon from influentgram.com. This YouTube channel is all about how to grow Instagram accounts and how to generate an online income using Instagram. So me and my team at influentgram.com manage a lot of accounts. So I’ve seen many posts that hit the explore page and resulted in thousands of new followers. So now, I want to share with you guys what really gets posts on the Instagram explore page.

Well, actually there’s no such thing as the explore page. The explore page is customized to every user based on the people the user follows and the content the user engages with. So the key to grow fast on the explore page is to be on the explore page of as many users as possible. But how do you do this? In the next couple of minutes I’ll give you 12 tips to significantly increase your chances of hitting the explore page and going viral on Instagram.

Let’s start with tip number one, stick to your niche. Maybe you’ve already noticed that the content that you see on your Explore page is similar to the content that you regularly engage with or is somewhat related to the people who you follow. Instagram knows what content people like to see and their algorithm tries to show them as much of it as possible to keep them on the platform. For example, people who are into travel will see a lot of travel content on their explore page. In order for Instagram’s algorithm to know whose explore page to put your post on, it needs to know what niche your posts are related to. You can help Instagram to do that by always stick to the same niche. So when you have a killer post, Instagram will know exactly who to show it to. Another reason why you should stick to the same niche is that you need consistent engagement from your followers to keep growing. When you post something about travel one day in the next day about cars, you won’t be able to get a good amount of engagement from your followers.

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How to Grow FASTER on Instagram


So how do you grow a heavy following on Instagram quickly and efficiently? Well in this video I will tell you how I grew to 25,000 followers and how I am still growing around 1,000 followers a week. Then at the end of this video I will give you my top tips that I have learned through my experience on Instagram that has helped me grow dramatically.

These Instagram series is here to help you increase the quality of your posts, maximize your profile and help you double the amount of followers that you currently have. So if you learned anything new or valuable in this video please consider subscribing. We live in a time where you are judged based on your social media presence. All of your friends are growing so rapidly, but you’re still stuck at 400 followers. And nowadays the market is so competitive that everybody around you is stealing your followers, not only that but you may be even losing followers on the daily.

We all know growing a heavy following on Instagram can be a little challenging and hard work. Especially if you have under 10,000 followers it’s gonna be a little more challenging. One theory that I have always emphasized during my social media career is the snowball effect. Basically the more you grow the, faster you will keep growing. In more simple terms the beginning stages of your social media career will be the slowest pace at which you will grow. And if you look at the opposite end the more followers you have the faster you will grow.

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