10 Strategies on How to Get Noticed on YouTube Fast

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So how do you get noticed on YouTube and get new people finding your videos? In this video, we’re gonna be talking about 10 strategies on how to do that. This video is brought to you by learnvideo.live, a free one hour online training on how to grow a highly influential and profitable YouTube channel this year. To get free access just go to learnvideo.live. Hey what’s up, Sean here, Benji here and this is Video Influencers help you build your influence income and impact with online video. And on this channel, we have weekly tips videos as well as interviews with some of the top Youtubers.

In the first part we talked about these six different ways to get views on the YouTube platform. Part two this video is all about actually how to send traffic and awareness to your channel from outside of YouTube. So with that let’s jump into the ten strategies.

Strategy number one social media. You know it’s not enough to make the video and upload the video. Now you have to hustle after the upload. Are you posting the link on your social media platforms? Are you vibing with people? Are you engaging? Are you finding new communities to find the viewers that watch your videos? Yeah and a power tip here is you don’t really want to just use Instagram or Facebook or Twitter just to promote your channel. A lot of people won’t want to follow you there if all it is a billboard where you’re posting out links. We like to say if you want to grow your YouTube channel with Instagram, use Instagram to grow your Instagram. And if you grow influence on Instagram, get views, put out quality content actually be native to the platform when you’re effective there. And then you’re like, “Hey guys, I have a new video”. People will actually start to go watch it.

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Strategy number two email list. This is so important for so many reasons, but you know an email list is a direct communication with your viewers .You need to start building an email list so that you can directly promote it. Don’t let the notifications and some of the problems that people have with. Media use an email list to promote your videos absolutely and you might be wondering well how do I grow my email list? And you could grow with you, too, but then that means you could also grow at other places. So consider giving a free thing away like it could be a download, an extra video, a little mini ebook, a checklist and give people a reason to subscribe your email lists. Educate them about that on social media and then when you post new videos make sure to send them out to your list. And actually if you’re interested in learning more about growing an email list and how to do it we have a video out so click or tap the YouTube card to check it out.

Strategy number three collaborations. Literally it’s one of the best ways to get views from an audience that doesn’t know you.If you can find other influencers, other channels that are similar to your content, collaborate with them to get more views from people who don’t know who you are. Yeah absolutely and actually when we say collaboration we don’t necessarily mean YouTube collaboration, like you could collaborate with brands or businesses or local events and just by collaborating and then giving awareness of what you’re doing on YouTube. Your content you can then send traffic and awareness to what you’re doing.

Strategy number four a blog or website. Keep in mind YouTube is the second biggest search engine but Google is a number one search engine. If you have a website or blog that’s optimized for search around the topic that your channel represents. Number one you could embed your video on there or to attract people that are searching on Google or other search engines to content that might be relevant to the videos. Leaving people to your videos on YouTube absolutely and this can be a real strategy. Maybe some people like to read content,they want written content. Some people like to listen to content so you could have a strategy where you’re serving two tips different types of audiences, but then cross promoting your YouTube channel and your blog.

Strategy number five write a book. Are you an expert at whatever you’re? Talking about a YouTube channel, do you have a lot of passion around a hobby? if you write a book you can utilize search engines such as Amazon. Yes it is a search engine for books to get more viewers to your videos absolutely and this doesn’t have to be super hard to do it. Definitely it takes time. About years ago I wrote a book called YouTube for Churches that started to get discovered on Amazon. People were reading it and it drove awareness over to my Youtube channel. We know people do this in all kinds of different niches so definitely consider trying it.

Strategy number six is in-person events networking. You know, this is super powerful, because you know if you get somebody interested in what you do and what you’re talking about. You can share your channel and drive views. Consider this event we were just at clammer con a lot of creators that would be interested in our content and through our conversations we were able to share about our channel and get them to view our videos absolutely. And you know I think that sometimes we have a block when it comes to creating online content on YouTube about the power of offline like there’s something so powerful about meeting someone in your local community. Local entrepreneurs use meetup calm to find local events that are related to your topic or niche and actually meet face to face with people. Let them know what you’re doing and you potentially could win a subscriber and win a fan for life. So again we’re talking about how to get noticed on YouTube by people that don’t know you.

The 7th strategy is paid ads. Realize that you can pay for advertising on platforms away from YouTube to drive traffic back to your videos absolutely. And so this could be Facebook ads or the Google Display Network or Google Adsense. Here at clammer con someone actually talked about a strategy where they were paying for their videos to just be right at the top of suggested videos. And they spent about two hundred and fifty dollars but got a couple million views because there was a combination between organic and paid reach. And so we’ve heard of a lot of stories in ourselves have done tests where even if you only spend for $15 you have to be willing to study a little bit. Take some risks and experiment but paying for traffic can be a great way to meet strangers and grow your influence strategy.

Number eight is find online niche communities. And what we mean by that is find groups of people there online whether social media, blogs or websites that have a common interest in content that’s related to what’s on your channel, what’s in your video vibe with and engage with them, invite them to your channel to watch your videos. Yeah and this could be Facebook groups, this could be Reddit. We did an interview with believed and fatherhood who’s a stay-at-home dad and so he mentioned that he was in multiple different kind of stay-at-home and dad groups and that was a big place where he built his brand built awareness and really started sharing his content and getting more subscribers and views on YouTube.

Strategy number nine PR and media. What we mean by this is like can you work with some PR person, can you actually get exposed in your local media? For example, my wife and I oftentimes it would be asked to go on our local news network and talk about what we do. Think of all the different ways that you can expose yourself maybe on TV, on radio to get exposure for your videos. Yeah, and you’d be surprised how may be interested your local news station would be in what you’re doing on YouTube. You can start researching that making connections with the people at the news station on Twitter. And we also did an interview with Brice Jerky. We’ll link it up on the YouTube card and put it in the description where he was talking about, how he really was hacking articles and blogs in his topic in niche. There’s a lot of really popular blogs or kind of new sites that may want to cover the content in your channel or you could strategically create content that they would be interested in. So I highly recommend checking out that video for ideas of how to hack PR and media.

And the last strategy is just get creative. What kind of ideas can you brew that might be unique to your viewers? Are there places that you can create like an event to get people to have more attention on your videos. Just start thinking. Brainstorming, write a list down and execute and you know this is where we start. Maybe thinking contrarian. You know we live so much online what would happen if you used physical mail. If you are paid to send a mailer out to certain people or in your local community or your city. Now this does cost money, it could cost resources but don’t let you know those things limit you. Let your mind think outside of the box of ways to get people’s attention. Get noticed. Print business cards. Hand them out. Put up flyers on the street. There’s a lot of different things that you could do when you get the mindset of reaching people.

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10 Strategi Mendapat Perhatian Pengunjung Youtube

Sepuluh strategi itu adalah:
1. Gunakan media sosial
2. Bangun email list
3. Kolaborasi
4. Miliki sebuah blog atau website
5. Tulis sebuah buku
6. Bangun jaringan secara personal
7. Gunakan iklan berbayar
8. Temukan komunitas online yang sebidang
9. Gunakan public relations dan media
10. Berbuatlah kreatif


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