3 Tips Make Money Online dengan ChatGPT OpenAI

Apa itu ChatGPT? ChatGPT OpenAI dan penggunaannya untuk Make Money Online sedang trending saat ini. Banyak pembahasan yang bermunculan, baik tulisan maupun video di Youtube.

ChatGPT sendiri dikembangkan oleh OpenAI, suatu laboratorium untuk meneliti AI yang terdiri dari perusahaan berpenghasilan OpenAI LP & perusahaan induk nirlabanya, OpenAI Inc. OpenAI bermarkas di Gedung Perintis, San Fransisco, AS.

ChatGPT merupakan sebuah perangkat lunak berupa model bahasa generatif yang menggunakan teknologi transformer untuk memprediksi probabilitas kalimat atau kata berikutnya dalam suatu percakapan ataupun perintah teks.

Dalam dunia Internet Marketing, pembahasan ChatGPT yang dikaitkan dengan Make Money Online atau Passive Income telah banyak dilakukan, semisal di Youtube.

Berikut ini pembaca dapat melihat 3 pembahasan Tips Make Money Online yang telah dikumpulkan dalam sebuah playlist berikut:

Basics of Effective and Modern Video Marketing: A Report

Basics of Effective and Modern Video Marketing A Report - Wakaf Digital

There’s a reason why plenty of affiliate promoting Googles and self-proclaimed on-line promoting consultants are talking up video promotion. It seems that they won’t shut up about it. This has become some type of mantra or running gag, depending on how you look at the situation. While because the recent language goes, where there is smoke, there is fire. There’s a reason behind the hype.

It is not just exaggeration and it is not just overinflated estimates. This excitement about video marketing stems from the fact that it absolutely works but here’s the twist. You have to know what you’re doing for it to work.

Still, it’s price mastering as a result of each single day you’re losing cash if you are not promoting with video. If you’re unclear on however precisely you’re missing out, here are the 8 (eight) key reasons why you wish to intensify to the present terribly powerful promoting methodology. Continue reading “Basics of Effective and Modern Video Marketing: A Report”

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Fast!) 2019

Today I’m going to show you two ways to drive traffic to your blog or website. The traffic is targeted. It does not take long to start working. It’s almost instant. The first traffic method produces shares and results and the second has helped me get massive shares like what you can see here in the video.

Let’s get into the detail. Viral content Bee is a website that you have to use if you want to drive more traffic to your website or blog. It lets you get tons of social shares and social media traffic in minutes and best of all it’s 100% free. For example one of the user Darada received over 3,900 views in less than 24 hours so his post went viral and even though I haven’t received those thousands of visitors from viral content Bee myself, but this service definitely helped me get sheer numbers similar to what you can see here.. So let me show you in this video exactly how you can start using viral content Bee to increase your social shares and increase and drive traffic to your website. Continue reading “How To Drive Traffic To Your Website (Fast!) 2019”

4 Video Marketing Ideas For Your Marketing Agency and Clients

Video marketing has become the go-to way to build a business online, generate leads and ultimately get more customers. In today’s video, I’m gonna go through four different types of ways to use video to acquire either customers for your agency or to use these tactics to acquire customers and leads for your clients for your marketing agency. My name is Jordan Steen aka serial entrepreneur and at this channel we talk all about social media marketing, digital marketing, personal branding really, just running marketing campaigns online and building a business online.

When it comes to using video content you really have to think about the sales funnel principle which if you understand sales funnels you know at the top of funnel you have the awareness stage of your campaign where people don’t really know about your trap or your business or your products or services yet right. So that’s considered cold traffic. Then you have the middle of the funnel which is considered the consideration stage where these people are aware of your business. They know what you do and what you’re trying to promote and they’re looking more into your products or services and you know that based on the fact that they’ve either visited web pages specifically that you know are higher conversion pages or they’ve visited specific social channels where you release a ton of content. Continue reading “4 Video Marketing Ideas For Your Marketing Agency and Clients”